General introduction

DR.BEAM Dental Clinic would like to send you the most respectful greetings!

DR.BEAM Dental Clinic is established by a team of experienced doctors who graduated from prestigious universities specializing in dentistry and are certified by the International Dental Associates.

Founders of DR.BEAM Dental Clinic are Dr. Pham Nhat Huy, one of the first doctors to apply the dental implant technology in Vietnam with more than 20 years of experience, and Dr. Le Thi Phuc also with 20 years of experience in teaching dentofacial orthopedics at Hanoi Medical University ...

DR.BEAM also cooperates with leading dental experts in the world and Vietnam for the purpose of guiding and training our doctors and technicians.

DR.BEAM Dental Clinic is a system consisted of branches located at:

- Ho Chi Minh City branch: 400CD Le Hong Phong - Ward 1 - District 10 - Ho Chi Minh City

- Hanoi branch:
Facility 1: 124 Xa Dan Street - Dong Da District - Hanoi
Facility 2: 1st Floor, Times City Building - 458 Minh Khai - Hai Ba Trung District - Hanoi

The system was built based on the model of the European Dental Clinic with spacious spacy and airy environment, arranged according to each specialty for a professional yet friendly working environment. DR.BEAM Dental Clinic's members always wish to bring you the best services!

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